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R Lynn Rardin
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Re: Sun Ra T-Shirt

Dr. Kuchelmeister wrote:

For the recent newcomer(s) on the SATURN list who want to have a Sun Ra T-Shirt here is what you need:

A Sun Ra T-Shirt is available from Gear Inc. at (800) 366-8337.
Their price is $15 plus about $2.50 S&H, - if you say that you
are from Saturn (or if that embarrasses you, say you subscribe
to the SATURN e-mail list) they will discount the shirt 10%.

The shirt is 100% cotton black (only) with a montage of white
photograhic images (photos) of Ra and the Arkestra, photos
taken by the well known photographer Michael Wilderman
<michaelw@CAP.GWU.EDU> [who also is on this list].

I called today to order the Ra shirt. After telling the guy that I was "from Saturn" and thought list members were being offered a 10% discount, he said, "Yes, unfortunately that's true. The full price of the shirt is $15.95 and we charge $3 for shipping and handling." I don't know whether Dr. Kuchelmeister rounded down to $15 or if Gear is trying to recoup some of the 10% discount by raising the full price by $0.95 on us! :) It's not that big a deal, but I thought I'd mention it for the benefit of list members who might be contemplating ordering the shirt.

-Lynn (