Frequently Asked Questions

When I try to sign up, the site says my email address is already registered. What do I do?

Your email address only belongs to you, so use the Request New Password feature to get an automatically generated login link sent to your address.

Okay thanks, but how did that happen?

You may have subscribed to a mailing list that is connected to our forum. If you posted from that address and your posting is on the forum, the system already created an account for you. That account cannot be accessed until a password is set, and only you can set it by using the Request New Password feature. If there is a post from you on this site that came from email, this is probably what happened.

Another way it could have happened is if you already have an account on another forum.

Why don't I see the post I made via email?

One possible reason is that the gateway that moves messages from email to the forum runs at regular intervals. While your email may appear in your email box and to list subscribers in an instant, it could take up to ten minutes to appear on the website.

If this is not the case, please use the feedback form to let the admin team know. We'll try to get it resolved as quickly as we can.

I want to participate on the web only, but I don't want to get copies of the posts in my email Can I do this?

Of course! Just go to the Mailing List Subscription tab on your Profile page and select the "No Mail (temporarily disable delivery)" option. This will keep you on the subscriber list (so that people participating via email will still see your posts) but will keep the mailing list from sending you messages from the forum.

By the way, that is also the feature to use if you are going on vacation and don't want your email to pile up. Especially use this if you have an autoresponder on your email while you're away!