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Re: Philly Jazz & Wildflowers

On Thu, 25 Aug 1994, Robert L. Campbell wrote:

As for Wildflowers, I'm sure it's Don Moye on "Chant." Don't forget that Nessa 16, Saga of the Outlaws by Charles Tyler, came from the same loft sessions as the Wildflowers material. It was too long for the Wildflowers series so Cuscuna sold it to Nessa. rlc

Re "Wildflowers": I was there (Rivbea, for that Festival) and reviewed it for "Coda" (July 1976) -- the Festival, not the records, which came out much later of course. Didn't see the post being answered above, as that must have been one of the messages "lost" from my e-mail "inbox" yesterday, but I might be able to answer the question if you re-post me. As for other material from that festival that's been issued, there was also Roswell Rudd's set complete on the lp "Inside Job" on Arista; and one cut on David Murray's "Low-Class Conspiracy" lp (don't recall the label just now) was an unaccompanied tenor solo he performed as part of one of the sets he played at that festival; it was titled "Extremininity" on the lp issue. Incidentally, much of the best material I witnessed at that festival was never issued while SOME of what was issued in that 5-lp "Wildflowers" series seemed to me to be among the weaker moments! (As an example, in my review I noted Kalaparusha's group at first failed to blend effectively but later really got going -- what was issued was the weakest part of his set, giving a distorted impression of Kalaparusha's work that night, which I recall as quite profound by the end, in total effect).

The full reference for my article reviewing the festival, by the way, if anyone wants to read a "Caught in the Act" on it, is:

"Studio Rivbea Spring Festival" in "Coda" (issue 149), July 1976, pp.8-10.

Needless to say, even after 18 years, it still stands out as one of the greatest musical weeks of my existence!

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