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Re: Video of Art Blakey with John Gilmore

On Mon, 22 Aug 1994, Robert L. Campbell wrote:

Are there any big Art Blakey fans/collectors on Saturn? Anyone who would know Buhaina's movements in 1964-1965? Bob Lamb says the BBC broadcast is dated July 3, 1965. If this is not a simple error on the BBC's part, it might explain why John Gilmore usually gives 1965 as the date of his sojourn with Blakey. It would also mean that Gilmore made some records with Ra in the spring of 1965 but then rejoined Blakey for a spell. Gilmore says that he left Blakey after a Japanese tour, during which he got into a big quarrel with Blakey. Does anyone know when the trip to Japan took place? rlc

I believe the Japan tour was early 1965, but I'm going on memory. Also I seem to recall there was a story that the tour ran into problems due to drugs, but again I'm working from memory. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone had some "Down Beats" from that era and wanted to scan.

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