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Not quite on Sun Ra specifically, but certainly related:

Having just greatly enjoyed Geerken's account of Ra at the Great Pyramid (in his recent book), I couldn't help waking up to a couple of unanswered questions (for me at least) concerning recent developments in pyramidology. How many SATURNites know about the recent book analyzing the position and orientation of the three pyramids at Giza with Orion's belt, and the orientation of the so-called "air shafts" with the positions of the stars in 2450 BC etc.? (This news ties in with Ancient Egypt's cult of Orion, Sirius, etc.). Well, anyway, the book also discusses the weird door found in the "air shaft" from the "Queen's Chamber" found by the little TV robot sent up the shaft a year or so ago. Here's the first question: Did anyone ever find out what's back there? In other words, did I miss something by ignoring the news, or has nothing happened? This leads to the next question: is there a listserv discussion group on the pyramids? I haven't had a chance to look for it on INTERNET; can anyone enlighten me?

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