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Re: Greetings from new member

On Wed, 6 Jul 1994, Jim Fournier wrote:

Hi, George -

Welcome ! You will find this list to be an incredible resource.

Yes! "Hi, man!"

Not only are there nice, knowledgable people, but we are also graced by such luminaries as Robert Campbell and Victor Simosko, both of whom write about Sun Ra material for Cadence and contribute liner notes to the Evidence

Thanks!! Small correction, tho -- I'm "Vladimir" and unfortunately never wrote for "Cadence" or any Evidence releases, altho I did an article on John Gilmore for "Coda" back in June/July 1975 (the "Sun Ra issue" with an article on Ra by Harvey Pekar). That's all I've published so far on anything-to-do-with-Ra as a focus (but have written on others, elsewhere, and somehow Ra keeps getting mentioned...)!

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