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Sam Byrd
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Re: Sun Ra Exhibition @ U of Chicago

Fascinating stuff. Anybody know anything about Dimpna B. Clarin? Two=20 Saturn singles, and an album: Dimpna B. Clarin / The Habagat Singers,=20 Saturn 282, 33 1/3 rpm record, undated

Also listed are two Saturn LPs I've never heard of, by the Shilo Chancel=20 Choir and the St. Mary=92s Sr. Choir: The Holy City: Parts 1 and 2, and=20 The Holy City: Parts 3 and 4

Also listed: four undated test pressings, and at least 15 test pressings=20 from 1974! Somebody in Chicago, please go check these out and see what's=20 there!


Charles Blass wrote:

See also =20 Massive. Lid-flipping. =20 CB =20 On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 7:13 PM, Charles Blass = wrote:

Courtesy Brad Markus

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There is a website for the Sun Ra exhibit - Here's the address There are some nice photos you probably have not seen.....

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