Wavelength Infinity Details

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Wavelength Infinity Details

Here's the latest on Wavelength Infinity, the Sun Ra tribute from Rastascan. Please subscribe if you haven't already!


WAVELENGTH INFINITY A Sun Ra Tribute (Proceeds from the sale of this tribute recording go to the Arkestra).

Current release time is end of May.

SUN/WAVELENGTH Disc 1. UYA - Dancing Shadows 2. Charlie Kohlhase Quintet- Kingdom of Not 3. Kash Killion & The Juju String Ensemble - Friendly Galaxy 4. Malcolm Mooney - Darkness Light x 5. Water Shed - Looking Outward 6. Trudy Morse & Friends - Energies x 7. David Greenberger - Sun-Day x 8. Steve Adams & Ben Goldberg - Transition 9. The Residents - Daydream in Space (is the Place) (Ra/Residents) 10. The Splatter Trio - Tiny Pyramids (Ronnie Boykins) 11. NRBQ - Fate in a Pleasant Mood 12. Art Hoyle - The Name Sound x 13. Elliott Sharp - Disco 3000 14. Harmut Geerken - Sunny's Sun Harp (Geerken) 15. Miss Murgatroid - Nature's Law x 16. Tom Djll- There are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of) x

RA/INFINITY Disc 1. Graham Connah -The Satellites are Spinning 2. The Billy Tipton Memorial Sax Quartet - Mu 3. Travis Shook and the Club Wow - Enlightenment (Dotson-Ra) 4. Art Hoyle - The Fantasy x 5. Vacuum Tree Head - The Call 6. Dan Plonsey (with members of Gamelan Sekar Jaya) Constellation/The Art Scene 7. The Coctails with Ken Vandermark - Lights on a Satellite 8. Eugene Chadbourne/Jimmy Carl Black - Space is the Place 9. Phantom Radio - The Nile (dub mix) 10. Eddie Gale & John Tchicai - An Island in Space [#001#aka Island in the Sun] 11. Lewis Jordan - Whereness x 12. Myles Boisen - Advice to Medics 13. Bugs Meanie Band - El is a Sound of Joy 14. Thurston Moore with Ezra La Plante - Cosmic Equation x 15. John Raskin - Lullaby for Realville (Richard Evans) 16. Oakland Elementary School Band - Planet Earth (alt. take)

The indication "x" refers to poems, or poetry based pieces. Vacuum Tree Head's piece "The Call" contains "A Call for all Demons" and "Calling Planet Earth". Subscriptions will remain at $15 per double disc set until the project is released, at which point the price will go up (yet to be determined). Checks should be made to Rastascan Records and sent to the address below. Subscribers should print their "permanent" address clearly.

Send check to: Rastascan Records, PO Box 3073, San Leandro, CA 94578-3073.

Thanks for all of your support and patience with this project!!