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#1 Sat, 2002-01-26 20:28
Leonard J Bukowski
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Hey all, interest in new list is fine, however be sure to respond to the new list and not the Saturn list, i.e., watch what you reply to.

Ms. MM, i eagerly await your comments on "illicit tapes." Surely the current scourge of the world. BE sure however to include "illicit thoughts," minds of free thinkers and independent souls are surely the curse of the world. bet you shudder each time you pass those unique New York open air markets where vendors sell tapes. Bet you never bought anything second hand. Bet you never removed a tag that said do not remove under penalty of law. Bet we'll heat up this list in the days to come.

peace and blessings,


(as fats waller said, 'don' t give your right name, no, no no.")