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Chris Trent
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Re: WKCR festival item


Curious, if you are all talking about Memorial program, in which I was interviewed and read Sun Ra's poetry on June 8, 1993. Charles Blass was involved, and asked me not to pass around my tapes, without his permission, since the tape has interviews with Sun Ra taken sometime ago.

I imagine that it's basically early generation, near studio quality tapes of some of his own interviews with Sun Ra which Charles feels shouldn't be circulated: as the interviewer he wants to keep control of them.

Everything which was broadcast during those 1987 and 1993 marathon WKCR radio programs has doubtless been taped off-air, in part by many people and in full by a dedicated few. During one segment from elsewhere in the 1987 festival the announcer can be heard telling everybody to get their tape machines rolling because the next item is a rare one!