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Trudy Morse
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Re: Earthly Recordings, etc.

Bravo! I think we should also add Dr. K. of Germany. For the past four months visiting all over the USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, performing Sun Ra poetry with local bands, and any members who have performed with Sun Ra since the 1950"s.

And in every case, the arrangements were made by members of the li

To mention a few: Radio Broadcast by Bill Wenz; performances in the Bay area, arranged by Vijay. CD arranged by Gino Bonair.

In the UK, the Chopin Preludes were taped for me, and magnificantly performed at Yoshi with India Cooke, Kash Killion, Eddy Gale, Vijay, Gino, and some of the Bay Area's finest musicians, including Peter Apfelbaun, Glenn Spearmann, Lisle Ellis. In addition, the John Coltrane Church did its own version of the Chopin Prelude in A Major.

In Seattle, Michael Monahan arranged a very special event with Earshot, Here, Stuart Dempster and Julien Priester did a marvelous rendition of Chopin's Prelude in A Major.

In Switzerland, thanks to Dr. K. there was another concert with Hartmut Geerken who performs with Don Moye and John Tchicai.

Spent four days with Anthony Braxton and his students. He loves Sun Ra and I performed the poetry with the student orchestra.

Just returned from NYC, saw Michael Dorf, at his new location, and the Knitting Factory will do a ten day homage to Sun Ra.

All of this is arranged through E-Mail and the list!

I have collected hundreds of interviews with Sun Ra, and believe me, he would be more than pleased to know that he is not forgotten. He wanted the music and poetry for all to enjoy. Trudy

DATE: Thu, 10 Nov 1994 20:50:12 -0500 FROM: Ronald Russ rruss@PANIX.COM

I had my first chance to view the Earthly Recordings of Sun Ra by Robert Campbell. It really is amazing to see it in print form. I spent years searching for information, sounds, etc, and now there seems to be more information and recordings than ever. So much has been accomplished with the internet, it is quite amazing. I joined this list in September 1992 and there were very few folks involved. It has grown tremendously, and I'm glad that serious work has been put towards this goal. Unravelling the mystery of the Sun. I think he intended this to happen, whether or not he could predict usefulness or electronic communication, I do not know. Keep up the good work, Robert Campbell, Chris Trent, Ralph Pleshar, Vladimir Simosko, Trudy Morse, and the rest who continue to forge new ground.

Ronald S. Russ