Ra weekend

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Ra weekend

Just thought I'd pass along some stuff on our (WRUW-FM, Cleveland, OH) recent Omniverse Weekend. The all day broadcast featured about 100 or so recordings culled from our collection and area Ra collectors, as well as poetry readings and taped interviews. Listeners constantly filled up the phone lines with questions and requests. About 12 staffers participated throughout the day, each focusing on a different area of Ra's music and persona. It created a unique atmosphere of joy and oneness. Special thanks to Chris Trent for getting a copy of "The Immeasurable Equation" to me right quick, and to Hartmutt for his invaluable resource guide.

 The films shown at the Cleveland Museum of Art were well attended, and
 a total of $300 dollars was collected for the Arkestra.

 A friend of mine who teaches painting to youngsters relayed this story
 to me at the films:  While teaching her 4 & 5 year old class recently,
 she decided to play music by Sun Ra (unbeknownst to them) while they
 were painting.  While walking around the room watching them work, she
 came up to Jake, 4 years old, who was painting a big yellow sun.  She
 asked him why he decided to paint a sun - "I dunno know - I just felt
 like it"

 Steve Hunder