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Michael Fitzgerald
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Thanks for the info, everyone. I ordered Campbell's 2nd edition today, and will submit any differences I find, and if supplemental info could be posted on the website, that would be great. Rocky

The whole point of having the book was as a replacement for the online discography. I think that it would be completely unethical to put the Campbell & Trent book's information online. People who are interested in getting the information should pay the price and get the book. When it was online, that was wonderful, but the decision has been made and it is not up to anyone but the two compilers (and the publisher, I'd assume) to distribute the information otherwise.

The vast majority of my own discographical work is available for free, but the info in my one published book is not. If no one buys the books, the publishers will not support the creation of future works.

If you have a question about a certain performance, I think it should be discussed and reference should be made to how it is handled in the Earthly Recordings. But it was decided long ago that the online version stopped when the publishing deal was reached. Maybe it's not my personal preference (especially as the original listing was very cooperative in nature) but that's the way it is.


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