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Trudy Morse
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Re: The Immeasurable Equation

Of course, just talking about it today. His company is Free Software. When you buy his software, you may make any changes you want. He has just returned from Romainia, talks all over the world. He started E-Max, and I was just told refused to sell it to the big companies who would copywright it and not permit revision s.

I was told it is THE basis for something important in word processing, done long ago, and he could have personally been a millionaire by now.

Instead the MacArthur Foundation gave him, I believe a $250,000 genius award and he started the Free Software Company. He lives and works at MIT.

By the way, just spent the day at the National Science Foundation with my son, Michael Morse, who is working on Mosaic. We checked out jazz, Anthony Braxton, Muhal Richard Abrams, Joseph Jarman mentioned among sme minor jazz figures. Sun Ra not mentioned.

Bob, how would you feel about permitting your discography to be on the World Wide Web, known as the Web?

There is a person on the Web who is seeking information on jazz. It is the very early beginning. I'll find his name later.


DATE: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 10:15:00 EST FROM: IWS@SSMIC.SSD.RAY.COM

trudy wrote:

  1. Copywright of Intellectual Property

    a. Richard Stallman He, alone in the whole world, is fighting the copywright situation of computers.

i'm not sure what his position is wrt to copyright and computers? anyone care to elucidate?

      How do you feel about putting all the information you have on

the Informlation Highway network. Believe me, I don't understand what this means, or how it is done. But Richard Stallman says I am a hacker, which he says means believes in an open system. And isn't this the message that Sun Ra is trying to tell us.

i'll add my views, as i have posted 'intellectual property' on the
bignet. as you may or may not know, i am ihor slabicky. i am the
author of "the complete grateful dead discography". i have made this
discography available on the bignet. it is stored in the grateful
dead archives at and is available via ftp from
there. my discography is copyrighted (and filed with the l of c)
as a database. my discography contains the following notice at the
The Compleat Grateful Dead Discography  (The Eleventh Revision)
--------------------------------------------------------------- :
by Ihor W. Slabicky :
Copyright (C) 1993 by Ihor W. Slabicky. All rights reserved. The contents
herein may only be used for non-commercial purposes. The contents herein may
be stored or reproduced on any media, provided that the contents are stored or
reproduced for use in non-commercial purposes, and provided that the contents
are stored or reproduced in their entirety, including this copyright
statement. :
If you have any questions regarding use of this work, please contact the
author at: (Internet), or (401) 842-5684 (voice
telephone). :-)

i asked some 'net-lawyer' on the well about making info available on the bignet, making it available for non-commercial use (i.e. for other deadheada to read and enjoy) while protecting it so that no one can make copies and sell it, without my permission or paying me some kind of fees for using it. he recommended a copyright notice such as what i use and registry with the l of c as well.

as some of you may remember, there have been incidents in the past with readers printing out selected postings to and selling these at concerts in the parking lots. i recently read postings to asking about "lyrics books" being sold in the parking lots - books with collected lyrics of the grateful dead songs. there are numerous postings in of song lyrics and song chords. i think you get the picture - is a place where the intellectual property of the grateful dead is rather freely exchanged. and, the concert parking lot scene is also a place where it is exchanged, but often for profit...

well, being the idealist that i am, i wanted to make my discography available to interested people, but i wanted to make sure that no one could profit from it by, for example, printing it out and selling it at concerts. hence, my copyright notice and my continued idealistic belief that my copyright notice is being honored and respected.

i can hear you guys now - "what a dope! believing all that hooey!" well, that's me, mr. ideal world :-)

i have had two requests directed to me wrt to my discography. the second was from a reader of in england who wanted to pass my discography along to his friend who is putting together a discography of the group "new riders of the purple sage", a splinter off the grateful dead. no problem there.

the first request was from someone who wanted to put my discography on diskettes and sell these in the parking lots at grateful dead concerts. i turned him down! and, it was a good thing, as within a few weeks, he was busted by the dead's people. the dead then found out about the gd archives at, and were going to get them closed down because they were storing the dead's copyrighted material. the arechives are still there, though i never found out how much of the dead's material is till stored there and how much was cleaned out, nor do i know if the dead (or their lawyers) took any further actions other than threatening.

anyway, that's my copyright story. at this point, my discography is made available for free and under that copyright notice. being the "buffalo hunter" that i am, i would love to get a royalty from each person who ftp's themselves a copy, or at least find out how many peopel have copies of it... i also have no idea what would happen or have to be done if i should decide to get this discography published - either by a publisher, or myself printing out copies and selling it at concerts or through thge mail... i think a new copyright notice would be required.

imho, i wish that rlc's sun ra tape and discographies WERE available at an ftp site, and regularly updated. as bob stated when he got the contract to publish, the sun ra material that was on line would stay, but no new material would be added... or something along those lines. basically, no more on-line updated disco. bummer for me, but i also understand the publishers view - they want an exclusive. that's how they make their money, n'est pas? :-)

what does this mean for the future of online info? maybe you'll have to pay to get online info - everytime you ftp something from a data base or archives, you'll have to pay by the byte, or some flat fee, same as if you bought a book... who knows? i say enjoy it while it's free. maybe the bignet is going to be like radio - free to those who can buy a receiver?

I shall be approaching 80 years of age very shortly, and have been on the road some three months reading the poetry to all who "wish fervently the greater life"

trudy, you wouldn't care to mmention when this date will be, would you? not that i, nor any other reader of the sun ra mailing list would ever even think of posting birthday wishes or anything like that! :-) just curious, that's all! i promise - no postings! :-)

I'm with the Grateful Dead philosophy. Since the music plays the band, all are welcome to record it and enjoy it.

but they can't do it for profit! that's part of the deal... :-)

I-) ihor