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Trudy Morse
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Re: The Immeasurable Equation

Hi darling. Did I ask you whether this could be put into the computer and coded? I was told it was not such a difficult procedure. Material could be scanned. Since it was so well typed, what is your ideas on this?

Had I told you that Richard Wilkerson, June Tyson's husband, told me that someone had written him from MIT, to ask if the material had been coded.

I shall try to track this down. Just returned from three months tour and will be out again.

The Chopin Prelude in A Major was fantastic. First, with Michel Henning of Berlin, who gave me a copy of the Prelude from his book.

Performed with the John Coltrane Church, at Yoshi's with Eddie Gale, India Cooke, Kash Killion, Lisle Ellis, Glenn Spearman. Again, in Seattle with Julien Priester, Stuart Dempster. Had I written all this to you?

Many, many thanks again for the research into the Chopin piece, and also I think you are responsible for the finding of Michael Fitzgerald who sent Michael Monhart ten lead sheats, four or five of which were performed!

An old friend of Sun Ra was in the audience and recognized the pieces. He was thrilled.

Michael Monhart studying Tibetan music will be going to Dharmasala in India 1995 and has invited me to join him. What a remarkable community we are!

Best regards to your family. Love Trudy