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[bright-moments] (unknown)

As i understand it, "Rahsaan" came from a dream he had.

In 1969 i went to see Rahsaan at the Both/And club, San Francisco. It was not just to hear him play, but to present him with an offer to perform at Sacramento City College(where i was a student at the time).During my conversation with him i mentioned that i had arranged for Sun Ra to speak to my Black Studies class & that it had been recorded by the school. About 2 weeks later & about 1 hr. prior to the concert Rahsaan asks me where the A/V lab is. When he returns, i ask Joe Tuxidor what that was all about. He explained that Rahsaan listened to the Sun Ra tape in an effort understand where his name came from. That's when i realized that the 2 names were essentially the same, just that the syllables were reversed(sun ra/ra sun/rahsaan/saan rah). After an incredible concert Rahsaan asks me if i could mail him a copy of the tape, which i did. Apparently there was something very important to him on it.

Rahsaan's rather large path & mine crossed several times from 1969 till his death. i think they are interesting stories & hope to tell them here in the future.

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