### Geerken's trade/wants lists of Sun Ra recordings ###

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### Geerken's trade/wants lists of Sun Ra recordings ###

Good news for you all, - I have finished typing everything in. Below you will find Hartmut Geerken's want and trade lists of Sun RA recordings. First part is the trade list, second part is the wants list. Feel free to use it as you like, also you may spread it on your local BBS/clubs/libraries. either electronically or in print-out.

Any typos are mine, - all lower case is Hartmut's original!

--------------------------------------- Hartmut Geerken's wants and trade lists of Sun RA recordings as of 20-Oct-1994

Hartmut Geerken, Wartaweil 37, D 82211 Herrsching, GERMANY

trade list:

other voices, other blues (double) (horo) new steps (double) (horo) unity (double) (horo) atlantis (impulse) bad & beautiful (impulse) the magic city (impulse) astro black (impulse) jazz in silhouette (impulse) fate in a pleasant mood (impulse) super-sonic sounds (impulse) the soul vibrations of man (saturn) visits planet earth (saturn) taking a chance on chances (saturn) sleeping beauty (saturn) aurora borealis (saturn) voice of the eternal tomorrow (saturn) sound mirror (saturn) the invisible shield (saturn) primitone (saturn) space probe (saturn) ra to the rescue (saturn) somewhere over the rainbow (saturn) celestial love (saturn) just friends (saturn) song of the stargazers (saturn) stars that shine darkly/part 1 (saturn) stars that shine darkly/part 2 (saturn) hidden fire 1 (saturn) hidden fire 2 (saturn) horizon (saturn) other worlds (happy bird) dancing shadows (happy bird) the sun myth (happy bird) sun ra (concert hall) the solar-myth approach 1 (affinity) we are in the future (savoy) shadow world (double) (time wind) sun ra (double) (monkey) the solar-myth approach 2 (actuel/affinity) nothing is... (esp) nuclear war (maxi single) (y records) sun song (delmark) jazz in transition (sampler) (blue note japan) a night in east berlin (leo) nuits de la fondation maeght (maxi single) (r.r.) nuits de la fondation maeght vol 2 (shandar) (no jacket!) visions (steeple chase) of mythic worlds (philly) lanquidity (philly) live at montreux (double) (inner city) pictures of infinity (black lion) love in outer space (leo) cosmos (cobra) the other side of the sun (sweet earth) it's after the end of the world (mps) strange celestial road (rounder) live at praxis '84 vol. 1/2/3 (praxis) meets salah ragab in egypt (praxis) out there a minute (torso) solo piano (improvising artists) st. louis blues (improvising artists) john cage meets sun ra (meltdown) sound of joy (delmark) reflections in blue (black saint) phil alvin/un'sung stories' (slash) quest/outer space plateau (single) (saturn) the bridge (single) (saturn) i'm gonna unmask the batman/the perfect man (single) (saturn) daddy's gonna tell you no lie/a foggy day (single) (saturn)

wants list:

wynonie harris with jimmie jackson orchestra (bullet 252; shellac) wynonie harris with jimmie jackson orchestra (bullet 251; shellac) eugene wright and his dukes of swing (aristocrat 3002; shellac) eugene wright and his dukes of swing (aristocrat 11001; shellac) eugene wright and his dukes of swing (aristocrat 3001; shellac) bye bye/the cosmic rays with sun ra (saturn 222/223; single) red saunders (chess 415 or blue lake 54101; shellac) a call for all demons/demon's lullaby (saturn; single) the cosmic rays with sun ra (saturn 401/402; single) medicine for a nightmare/urnack (saturn 222; single) the qualities, it's christmas time (saturn m08w4052/3; single) jazz by sun ra vol. 1 (transition 10) yochannan, muck muck/hot skillet mama (saturn 4236/7; single) great balls of fire/hours after (saturn 245/246; single) interstellar low ways (saturn 203) october/adventur in space (saturn 874; single) the blue set/big city blues (saturn 541/542; single) what's new? (saturn 539) when sun comes out (saturn 402) when angels speak of love (saturn 405) outer spaceways incorporated (saturn 530) dan & dale, batman theme/robins theme (tifton 45-125; single) blues on planet mars/saturn moon (saturn 911; single) a black mass (leroi jones) (jihad) rocket number nine (saturn; single) ann arbor blues & jazz festival 1972 (atlantic double album) celebrations for dial tunes (saturn) pathways to unknown worlds (saturn) live at the gibus (atlantic) love in outer space/the mayan temples (saturn 256; single) live at montreux (saturn) bratislava jazz days 87 (opus; double album) east of the sun/frisco fog (diw; extended play) opus springtime/cosmos swing blues (diw; extended play) queer notions/prelude no. 7 (diw; extended play) ---------------------------------------