"Music from tomorrow's world"

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#1 Mon, 2002-11-04 06:38
Sam Byrd
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"Music from tomorrow's world"

Whoa, what a great release! I love hearing the woman in the audience ("You gonna get me something to eat?"), and Gilmore's solo on "Space Aura" is pretty damn amazing. I love the background vocals on "S'Wonderful," and again...Gilmore. The studio stuff is beautiful, too....perhaps people who can read music could match up the untitled songs (given here as Majestic 2, 3, & 4) with unheard pieces in the scores? Notable also, the solo Gilmore cradenzas at the end of "Possession," a different arrangement from the one on "Sun song." Nice work throughout from George Hudson, too.

I only wish John Corbett's notes went into more detail about the provenance of this material....how did these tapes show up all of a sudden? Is there more material where this came from? And why is there only a :28 fragment of "Interstellar lo-ways"--was the original tape damaged, or did it fade that way there too?

There's a lot to absorb here....I think an amazing release. Thanks, Atavistic and John Corbett!

saturnally, Sam