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Steven Joerg
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William Parker

Pete Gershon wrote:

I saw William tonight at UMass with Trio Hurricane, and I was blown away! The other 2/3rds of the trio are Bay Area sax man Glenn Spearman and drummer Paul Murphy. This was some fine, furious playing, capping off Fire in the Valley '97, a day-long free jazz fest that is unrivaled in the NE (apart from the Texaco/KF thing... but needless to say, the Amherst affair lacks corporate sponsorship...)

You're fully correct about Trio Hurricane. Hoever, not a one of us in the NE (or the rest of the world...) should be ignorant of the 6 day Vision Festival which took place the last week of May this year (and last, and, Ra-willing, NEXT year) here in NYC. Hurricane, and close to 20 other outfits performed.

Anyhow, if you can catch any of William's upcoming dates, go and you will not be disappointed.

This is also completely true. Parker is a tremendous player, and any opportunity to hear and see him perform should be jumped at. BTW, his second big band recording (with the Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra -- with flavor of Sun) will be released around September 1.

Now, those dates once again...

<< William Parker and his wife Patricia Nicholson have started on their summer tour today. William will be performing solo bass, with Patricia accompanying him with dance. After a show in Amherst, MASS this weekend, they set off for Baltimore.

***On Tuesday night, they will perform at Normals in Baltimore. Normals is at 425 E. 31st Street, on the right hand side (large sign). The phone number is 410-243-6888.

***on Wednesday, July 30 they are playing a show in Washington, D.C. at Kaffa House, 1212 U St. NW, between 12th & 13th St.

***On Saturday night, August 2, they will perform in Columbia, South Carolina on the campus of the UNiversity of South Carolina. The concert will be held at the USC School of Music and tickets are on sale at Papa Jazz Records. (803)343-0472 for more info.

***On Tuesday, August 5, they will appear at the Existentialist Church in Atlanta, GA.

This issue will be ready to send in late August.... Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming...

pete gershon