Sun Ra Exhibition in Switzerland, Sep 17th - Oct 23rd 1994

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Sun Ra Exhibition in Switzerland, Sep 17th - Oct 23rd 1994

Let me share with you, especially with all our Swiss and nearby readers, the information on an upcoming exhibition on Sun Ra in Switzerland.


Dr. Anton J. Kuchelmeister Digital-PCS Munich Germany

                                                     the totality
                                                all the universes
                                                          and you
                                                      are welcome
                                                      be citizens
                                                    the Omniverse

                                                                - SUN RA

Schweizer Jazz Museum - Swiss Jazz Museum

 Myths versus Reality: SUN RA

From September 17 to October 23, 1994, the Swiss Jazz Museum in Arlesheim is presenting an exhibition devoted to the life and work of the recently deceased Jazz pioneer SUN RA.

The impetus of his exhibit has been the publication of the book "Omniverse Sun Ra" by Hartmut Geerken and Bernhard Hefele.

Fotos from Val Wilmer, rare documents from H. Geerken's extensive collection, lectures, film-, video- and audio-presentations should help to better understand and appreciate the music of one of Jazz' most enigmatic and mysterious figures.

The exhibition will open on Saturday, September 17th at 19 o'clock with an address and presentation by H. Geerken. Museum hours are Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 14 to 17 o'clock with guided tours. Our last day is October 23rd 1994.

The Swiss Jazz Museum is located on Stollenrain 10, CH-4144 Arlesheim near Basle; Telephone 061 701 81 08, FAX 061 701 86 08

The Swiss Jazz Museum was founded in 1992 and is devoted to the collection and preservation of documents on the past and present jazz scene. Activities include: documentation, research, publications, exhibitions and presentations. The sponsor of the museum is the association "Pro Jazz Switzerland".