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David Ewing
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CD Connection

John Jennings writes:

(2) Has anyone here ordered from CD connection? I have their FTP address but their information mentions ordering from some database that is menu driven and I am just pulling down ASCII files using FTP. So...(i) How do you order?

To access their database, telnet to them:


Then just follow the prompts to browse their database and to make an order.

(ii) Are these folks reliable?

I have used CD Connection just once, but it was a very good experience. In case you don't know, CD Connection doesn't have any CDs on hand in a warehouse. They just have direct contacts with LOTS of labels/suppliers. Consequently, their selection is very complete. When you order from them, they in turn place an order with their suppliers. When they receive it, they send it on to you. I used them to get some fairly obscure stuff which I had been unable to find elsewhere (Gong's "Flying Teapot", National Health's "Complete", and Carla Bley's "Fleur Carnivore"). I received them in two weeks and the prices were very good (MUCH better than the stores, not quite as good as Noteworthy). One feature I like is that you can monitor the progress of your order. You can access your account and it tells you the status - if they have contacted the supplier, if the supplier has responded that they have the CD, if CD Connection has received the CD from the supplier, if they have sent it on to you).

In short, their selection is outstanding and their prices are good. My advice would be to first check Noteworthy for particular titles (as I said, their prices are a little cheaper). If they don't have it, odds are that CD Connections does.

As far as Sun Ra discs - - they have all the Evidence releases (price is $12.16). Noteworthy only has a few (at $11.76). - the ESP discs ("Nothing Is", "Heliocentric Worlds ... Vol 2") are only $10.09 - they have "The Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra" (Savoy Jazz) for $9.71 - they don't have any of the Black Saint recordings ("Mayan Temples", "Reflections in Blue")

This is an incomplete listing of their Sun Ra material (these are just the ones I was looking for from my "get list").

Hope this helps,


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