COVER NOTE - gilmore/blakey

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COVER NOTE - gilmore/blakey

FORWARDED BY LLPGM dear saturnites,

In Robert Rusch's fantastic anthology of Cadence interviews, Jazztalk pub. Lyle Stuart. He interviews Art Blakey, and asks him about john Gilmore

R.D.R.: How did John Gilmore JOin the band?

A.B.: Well, he was with Sun Ra and he came from Chicago and I made some recordings with him on Blue Note. I liked the way he played, very hip. So it came we needed a tenor player, we were on our way to Japan, and Lee Morgan went and got John Gilmore and he Played very well. He made the tour with us, but he had commitments.

R.D.R.: He says you fired him. A.B.: No, I didn't fire John, I would never fire John. I ain't never fired nobody. I get angry, but I give them enough rope to hang themselves. Now I've had groups together where all the rest of the cats have gotten together and sanctioned against another musician, and I had to let him go--but it wasn't on my decision alone. I never fired John Gilmore, I criticized him because he'd be talking the way he was thinking. The way he thought about life and what he believed in and why he would put down othere people. I didn't think it was right. He was young and running off the top of his head, don't tell me that Lester Young steals from him or Coltrane steals things from him--that's not true. He's off. One thing leads to another, give everybody credit for what they have done. But I loved his playing and he's learned how to be a terrific drummer, too. I wasn't concerned about anything but his playing. He'd be tell- ing me about his fans on Mars or Jupiter, but I said it's the fans on this planet we're concerned with, not back there. I hope this sheds some light on the blakey gilmore split, for those of you that didn't already know. I highly reccomend this book, there are some great interviews including one with Sun Ra, And I also recommend Cadence for those who are not already familiar with this excellent publication.

Rusch, Robert D. JazzTalk Lyle stuart 1984

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