10/29/04 arkestra show - personnel

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#1 Tue, 2004-11-02 19:00
Chris Hofgren
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10/29/04 arkestra show - personnel

hi everyone,

I don't live in NYC, but a friend of mine - not a list member, but a musician and huge Sun Ra appreciator - recently attended the 10/29/04 Arkestra show - prompted by my reminder to him via this listserv. (he happened to be sitting in the audience next to one of his/our heroes, Henry Grimes . . .)

he was wondering:

who are all the musicians currently playing in the Arkestra? were they identified on promotional material, or on the program for the event?

and I have my own question:

has James Spaulding played with the Arkestra, or with Arkestra alumni, at all recently?


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