Philly Jazz & Wildflowers

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Philly Jazz & Wildflowers

First of all, I'd confess that I still go out of my way to find and buy vinyl and consider it a great week if I can add an lp to the shelves. With this as a preface: Last week I lucked into adding three lps to my collection, all still shrink-wrapped, at $2.99/lp.

The Byard Lancaster Trio: Exodus. Philly Jazz 1 (the label of the lp gives the catalogue number as Philly Jazz 1001). I assume that this is the same label that issued the Sun Ra lps. Has anyone done a check-list of all of the items issued by this label? If there is one, could it be posted on Saturn?

[Discographal information: The Byard Lancaster Trio Exodus Philly Jazz 1001

Side 1: 1. Something children can do (Lancaster) [4:21] 2. Mr. P.C. (John Coltrane) [7:51] 3. All of my life (Lancaster) [5:43]

Side 2: 1. Exodus (Gold) [13:15] 2. Philly jazz (Lancaster) [6:03]

Personnel: Byard Lancaster-wooden flute, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, bells, voice; Harold E. Smith-wooden flute, percussion; Skip Parnell-bass.

Recorded live (except for 2:1) at the first annual WXPN Jazz Awards Concert, Philadelphia, 16 April 1977. 2:1 recorded at WXPN-FM studios, Philadelphia, 4 May 1977. Recording engineer: Tom Buchler.]

The second item that I added was "Wildflowers 5". This is the last volume of five separately issued lps that were recorded at Sam Rivers' studio. The set was to showcase the New York City loft movement of the Seventies. Michael Cuscuna was co-producer of the set (and probably all of the Douglas jazz lps); if Wildflowers is still considered to be of worth it would seem to be an obvious reissue on the Mosaic label.

Does anyone have discographical information on the first four volumes? [Dumb question alert:] Am I correct in assuming that David and Sunny Murray are brothers (and why haven't I thought of this before?)?

[Discographical data:

Wildflowers 5 : the New York loft sessions. Douglas NBLP 7049

Side 1: 1. Something's cooking (Sunny Murray) [17:00] Personnel: Byard Lancaster-flute, alto sax; David Murray-tenor sax; Khan Jamal-vibes; Fred Hopkins-bass; Sunny Murray-drums.

Side 2: 1. Chant (Roscoe Mitchell) [25:19] Personnel: Roscoe Mitchell-alto sax; Jerome Cooper-percussion, saw, drums; Don More [sic? Could this be [Famoudou] Don Moye?]

Recorded mid-May, 1976, at Studio Rivbea, 24 Bond Street, New York City. Recording engineer: Ron Saint Germain.

The third find was from a major label: Marion Brown's second outing for Impulse!, "Geechee recollections".

Any answers to the above discographical pleas would be greatly appreciated.

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