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michael ehlers
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alan silva

alan silva is of mixed portuguese/indian ethnicity (as in india, rather than native american). while i don't know to what extent he emphasized his ancestry in the past, these days he tends to take the sahib sarbib approach ("bob rusch: where were you born? sarbib: well, you see, here you come... rusch: it's been suggested your egyptian, but you sound algerian to me. sarbib: well, a little bit of that too, why not?" etc etc etc).

Anyone got any info on Silva's 'Center of the World' albums and how many volumes did that grow into and who played on it?

center of the world was actually a musicians co-op label, owned by the center of the world quartet (silva, frank wright, muhammed ali, bobby few), but largely operated by silva. seems to me there were eight releases on the label, total: two wright/center of the world quartet records, one wright/ali duo, one few solo, one silva solo, one ali/few/silva/ trio, & two volumes of mixed solos/duos (including the monsterous wright solo, "grenada"). both the 4tets were recently reissued in all their magnificence by the french label, fractal. i know forced exposure is carrying them...

Heard it was the last big project he did after the Celestial Communication Orchestra which has Shepp Braxton and others...

silva made two big band lps for byg in '69/70: LUNAR SURFACE, & the three lp set SEASONS, neither of which is in commerical circulation at the moment. but they are definitely not his last big band projects! there is PORTRAIT OF A SMALL WOMAN, from '74 (released on sun records in france, & on chiaroscuro in the states), MY COUNTRY (recorded early 70s & released to c/d early 90s by Leo), & DESERT MIRAGE, a dbl lp set from '83, released by the french iacp label. all these projects were organized loosely under his "celestrial (sic?) communications orchestra" concept. the latest manifestation, recorded in '99 with the visions festival orchestra, will be released on eremite in spring of 2000.

eremite recorded four other silva projects in '98/99, one of which, a duo album with william parker, is already released.

there is more silva info, including a link to what appears to me to be a totally comprehensive silva discography, on the eremite website:

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