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Armin Buettner
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name an Asteroid

Hello everybody

I recently read in the new scientist, that the International Astronomical Union has decided that Asteroid 3834 from now on bears the name "Zappafrank" to honour you know whom. Well, whatever one thinks of Zappa (I like him), if there is one musician who should be honoured it is the man that we talk about all the time here on Saturn: Mister Re.

Quotefrom that article:

"FRank Zappa had a lot of followers and they all got togetherand wrote me letters --I must have had about two hundred" says Brian Marsden of the IAU`s Minor Planet Center in Canmbridge, Massachusetts. End Quote

Well i think we all should start writing letters to the IAU as well. Sun Ra should become an asteroid at least that is what i think.

It is not easy from Switzerland to find out the adress of IAU. Does anybody of you saturnites in the USA know it. I think they should have an e-mail adress as well.


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