'triptych of death'

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'triptych of death'

uh, hey

this cot my I, mr.monk,

jazz went into hibernation after Coltrane's Death/Ayleristics/rise of Funk triptych of death.. Till CD got people into being daring again...

i mean, you got some valid points & all

actually i have verymuch been enjoying this thread--

always cool to discover 'new' old figures such as melle and schillinger... et al

but as regarding this 'triptych'...

probably this topic has been beaten to ... paradiddles, even here...

i am wondering if you could elaborate.

keeping RA in mind, of course.

Le Ra always seemed to be up in all poles... the Phree and the Phletcher, e.g, and the Bop et Da Fonk...

i was not fortunate to have been around during this (late-60s) phase checking the scene. i enter'd the planet in 65.

i do happen to love funk. and ra-funk mos'def along with p-funk.

i do understand that 'fusion' had some serious FX upon the music and marketplace.

where do you consider miles in all this?

i do not disqualify a whole genre and/or period simply because of a bunch of bad apples.




pps i love you too

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