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#1 Mon, 1994-08-01 11:05
Tom Buck
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Re: your mail

How about 50 cents per tape. No one can make you pay it, of course, but it's an affordable amount and not so removed from the industry standard.

I'd really push for more like $1 per tape, which is only prohibitive if you own more than 15 or 20 tapes. If someone had more than 20 tapes, I think a 25% or even 50% discount would be in order, bringing the per-tape-cost down to 75 or fifty cents per tape. I all depends on how much ya got, really.

On another note, I saw an original Blue Thumb "Space Is The Place" LP over the weekend for $10. It was in a record store near St. Louis, the east side Vintage Vinyl store in Granite City for anybody in that area. If anybody is interested, I could purchase this and send it to you at my cost with no extra profit on my part. Send me personal e-mail if interested.