Why John Gilmore never had an R&B hit

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Ken Waxman
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Why John Gilmore never had an R&B hit

This is taken from Bronzeville conversation with Jodie Christian on the Jazz Institute of Chicago Website http://www.jazzinstituteofchicago.org

It's part of the May 2001 newsletter.

It's part of a much longer dialogue recorded between drummer Charles Walton and pianist Jodie Christian,

both veteran Chicago musicians.

Charles Walton: :"The place was packed and there was a request that we play the rhythm and blues tune "Night Train". Al asked could we play the tune. John Gilmore must have anticipated the request and had brought the sheet music to Night Train. Because it took a bit of time for him to get the music out of his case it was time for the attraction to come on. It was Jimmy Reed and I had never heard of the man before he was introduced there. The next night we played the Green Door in Chicago with Jodie playing piano. Again there was a request for Night Train. A lady sent up a dollar tip and requesed Night Train and John Gilmore took out his sheeet music and played. After we finished the tune the same lady sent up another dollar saying, "Here is another dollar tip to not let that sax man play Night Train again."

Jodie Christian: I remember the time and that was the only time I ever heard John play that kind of music. and I felt the same way as the lady."

Charles Walton: "John was forever reminded of that


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