Solar Myth Question

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Solar Myth Question

This was completely unexpected: out of the blue,driving to the gig last night,my 4 year old son is looking at the sun low over the western horizon and he says, "who is the god in the sun?" and I'm a bit struck by his question, it was completely unexpected, so for lack of anything better to say, I say, "Amun-Ra" and he thinks a bit. "Does Amun-Ra make the sun move?" he asks, and I say yes (because I think that may be so)

"Who is the god that makes the sun shine?" and I'm quick to respond this time, "That would be Atem-Ra" the solar disk (or so I recall) and I think, smugly, that this should answer all questions and cement Dad as the authority on all such subjects. And he asks how I know and I say it is written in the stones and for the moment he's happy looking at the setting sun out the car window.

But then he asks, "who is the god in the middle, between the inside and the outside of the sun?"

Um, er ... well, ah ...

Ok, I'm stymied: who is the God of the boundary condition between Amun-Ra and Atem-Ra? Do I even have those two right? And where on Earth (or Other Worlds) did my little kid get such questions?

I told him I didn't know, but that it may have been Osiris just because I couldn't think of any instance in my experience where any egyptologist ever ever ever spoke of the boundary between inner and outer faces of gods as a thing in itself and I thought it was probably safe to blame anythingextraneously unaccounted on Osiris :)

And I couldn't think of anywhere else to ask but here.