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Re: Name an Asteroid

*** HEY, come on!! *** -- It can't be this difficult to locate the respective address in the US.......

I want to support Armin Buettner's proposal to get a star, or at least an asteroid, named after Sun Ra, And I think that everybody on this list here could join in supporting the request. We should be sufficiently interested to promote this idea.

Well, first thing we need:

Somebody in the Boston area please look up the address and telephone number of the International Astronomical Union, IAU`s Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, MA. How? - Well, just take a local telephone directory, and do some "research" Many of us ".edu" types do research which is much more difficult ;-) [I beg your pardon!]. Who's first to get the result?

With the telephone number, we could call and ask for an email address, or we just collect votes here, and prepare a joint request list which then is printed and sent to the IAU.

So, let us read here more on the address, telephone number and possibly an email address, and we all discuss here how to proceed.

So, where is the requested address information?