Please pardon the dust (again) (no Ra content, just listadmin stuff)

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#1 Thu, 2013-08-15 15:11
Steven M Scotten
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Please pardon the dust (again) (no Ra content, just listadmin stuff)

Well, it seems like I stepped in it this time.

I received a notice that one of the modules used to interface the website with the mailing list was outdated and that there was a required upgrade available. I installed the upgrade and it looks like some of the functionality may be broken now. I'm not sure what works and what doesn't but there is a nasty error message on the website.

I'm trying to get this resolved as quickly as possible but it may be a couple of days.

The good news is: this may force me to get some of the lingering issues fixed and it may enable me to do some of the upgrades I've been wanting to do for some time. This may force some changes to the way things work but I'll do my best to keep any changes to a minimum. It's too soon to know exactly what needs fixing.

The bad news is, things may not behave the way they should for a couple of days. Please continue to use the list and let me know if you encounter anything doesn't work as expected. I don't necessarily know everything that isn't working right.

Thanks for your patience,


Sat, 2013-12-21 08:36
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Anybody out there?

The email list is down and maybe this place, too.  I've tried emailing Steve but haven't received a response.