Stateside Ra Weekend

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Stateside Ra Weekend

Well, since their has been recent discussion on Ra fests and films, I'll give a brief view of what we have planned here in Cleveland, OH. Over the weekend we firmed up these basic plans:

 Omniverse Weekend - Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
 November 12 & 13, 1994 (Earth Years)

 November 10th(?) - Roundtable discussion with local (national?)
      jazzbos on Sun Ra, to be recorded
 November 12th @ 12AM - Begin broadcast of 24 consecutive hours
      of Sun Ra over 91.1FM.  Roundtable discussion to be broadcast
      as well.
 November 13th @ 3:30 - Film showings at the Cleveland Museum of Art
           - A Joyful Noise
           - Space Is The Place
      Showings in conjunction with the Cleveland Cinematheque and the
       Cleveland Museum of Art.

 Since we are still in the planning stages and have over 2 months,
 anything is still possible.  Any Saturnites who think they might want
 to contribute in some small way are most welcome and should contact me
 soon.  One thing I am looking for now is taped interviews with Mr. Ra
 that we can use as drops during the 24 hr. broadcast.  We're open to
 any other suggestions, so don't hesitate to contact me.  That's it for
 now, more details to follow....

 Space Wishes,
 Steve Hunder