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gilmore Disco

Armin Buettner writes:

Hello everybody!

Could some of you Saturnites post a discographie of the records that John Gilmore did outside the arkestra and which are available?

The following was posted here by vladimir simosko back in April:

"Coda Magazine" (vol.12, #7, June/July 1975, pp.9-16) contains my article and discography on John Gilmore, current to mid-1974 issues, including discussion of all non-Ra lp's Gilmore is known to have recorded. Since then, the Paul Bley Quartet material has been issued on Bley's own IAI label and 3 additional tracks from that session also appeared on a 2-lp anthology, on Savoy, I believe. Unfortunately I have no idea on current availability or reissues on CD of this material, but I still know of only 10 "dates" of Gilmore away from Ra to have become available:

1) John Gilmore / Clifford Jordan: "Blowing in from Chicago" (1957) on Blue Note 1549 (reissued in a 2-fer along with a Johnny Griffin set that also included Hank Mobley & John Coltrane from the same era); rhythm section of Art Blakey, Horace Silver, Curley Russell... GREAT! 2) A Freddie Hubbard lp on Impulse A-27 (1962) - not so hot but good Gilmore; 3) Elmo Hope: "Jazz from Riker's Island" (1963) on Audio Fidelity... OK; 4) The Tyner set you mention from 1964; 5) The Paul Bley session mentioned above, also 1964 & excellent; 6) Art Blakey: "S'makeit" on Limelight (1964) with some of Gilmore's solos edited out; one title also was on an anthology with his solo restored but I've never heard that cut; pretty tame stuff, but NOTE: there's a hot video of the group from European TV with Lee Morgan on trumpet, Gilmore looking & sounding very good; 7-8) 2 Andrew Hill lp's on Blue Note, from 1964 & 1965, both very good; 9) Pete LaRoca: "Turkish Women at the Bath" (1967) on Douglas, reissued under Chick Corea's name as "Bliss" on Muse; excellent quartet date (with Walter Booker on bass) & fine LaRoca compositions; 10) Dizzy Reece - John Gilmore (1970) on Futura, a hot "live" set from Europe, one number taking up both sides of the lp.

Gilmore can also be dimly seen & heard at the beginning of the "Mingus" documentary of Mingus being evicted from his apartment (1968); no idea of availability. Hope this helps!

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