disney tape distribution

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Joe Malnar
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disney tape distribution

Will Friedwald wrote: >

That's more copies than I have time to make. However, a very cordial Saturnian named Joe Malnar offered to serve as a "Vine." So, here's what I'm going to do : I will ask my source for these tapes, Alan Nahigian, to make him another copy. Therefore, his copies will be as good as mine. Then, he can make all the copies he wants for every body!

So, E-mail him! Actually, it'll be at least a week before Alan gets the copies to him, so be patient!

Here's Joe's E-address: spam@halcyon.com AKA Joe Malnar

Joe here. I hadn't realized that I'd volunteered, but I would be more than happy to help get the tapes out. I'm assuming we're talking about analog tapes here, if some of you have DAT decks, you should get involved in this at the top level.

We can distribute tapes via "tree" or "vine".

A vine has a master tape mailed from one person to the next, each making their own copy from the master. The person keeping the master gets a tape which is a generation better than the others, but has been played on a lot of decks.

A tree has the first person make two or more copies for the next level, each of whom makes two or more copies for the next level, etc. This typically means faster distribution, but more generation loss. The dubbees send tapes (blank or otherwise) to the dubbers.

I could also do some dubbing directly for people who send blanks, but I'd prefer to keep it to a minimum.

Send me email with which method you'd like and a brief description of your dubbing capabilites and any other relevant info. I'll go from there. I'm gonna be on vacation for a week in a couple days, so nothing is going to happen very quickly.

-- spam@halcyon.com AKA Joe Malnar