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Re: Sun Ra Pixmaps

July 26, 1994

Dear Saturnites:


Wow! I thought one or two RA completists would respond to my offer to make copies of those two Disney shows. So far, at least a dozen people have responded!

That's more copies than I have time to make. However, a very cordial Saturnian named Joe Malnar offered to serve as a "Vine." So, here's what I'm going to do : I will ask my source for these tapes, Alan Nahigian, to make him another copy. Therefore, his copies will be as good as mine. Then, he can make all the copies he wants for every body!

So, E-mail him! Actually, it'll be at least a week before Alan gets the copies to him, so be patient!

Here's Joe's E-address: AKA Joe Malnar

Now that we're talking about Alan, he's been a big Ra fan here in New York for many years. He didn't record that many shows - although he does have some audio and video that no one else has (some things given to him by Ra himself as he travelled the space ways from planet to planet).

However, his real strength is Ra photos! Alan is a professional photographer, and every time he went to see Ra, he reeled off dozens and dozens of color shots. Alan has literally thousands of photos of Ra from over a 15 year period, so if any one needs Ra photos - he's the guy to call. (Actually, Alan has a good archive of jazz photos all the way around, both his own and archival shots that he's acquired.)

Anyhoo, if anybody wants to write to him (he's not connected electronically) snail wise:

Alan Nahigian 33 - 08 31st Ave #2R Long Island City NY 11106-1440 (718) 274-4042

Talk to you all later,


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