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#1 Wed, 1994-07-13 09:09
Patrik Tschudin
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Adress lost

Hello everybody

I am very sorry that i have do do it this way. I must ask everyone on the Saturn list that had personal contact with me an did not send anything to the list in the last 3 days to send me a pm. I had to reinstall my E-mail programm and a my private book of adresses got lost during that process. I especially need the adress of Urs Berger (Something with "Helix" in it.

But before everybody gets angry i want to say something about Sun Ra just the same. Yesterday the postman brought a package from the UK containing the Blast first/The Wire Package that people were talking about on Saturn. The 4 postcards are very beautyful, although some of the photos are known. on the back of the cards there are poems and quotations from a strange book. As for the video, i think "space is the place"is known by the most of us, the other one is, as the advertisement said, very impressionistic. It was made on reversing B/W film and features snippets of the arkestra (you can hardly recognize anything) set to music by the arkestra. The cover says that Ra used to project this movie during concerts from 1969 on. It says a lot about the period. But what makes the package really worth its money, is the CD (about five minutes) featuring Sun Ra reciting a poem to music he makes on a "trash-Harp" and a toy-piano. Well what can I say? Although it is musically very simple, it is most beautyful, heartwarming and- really- makes you want to cry about the fact that the world today is mostly far away from anything that could be called the same.

In a pathetic mood,


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