Geerken book "Omniverse Sun Ra", ordering information

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Geerken book "Omniverse Sun Ra", ordering information

Here is the complete information on the Geerken book, - including prices, via surface mail and for airmail.

Hartmut Geerken and Bernhard Hefele have created a new book on Sun Ra. The book's title: "Omniverse Sun Ra".

The book features original articles by Amiri Baraka, Robert Campbell, Sigrid Hauff, Salah Ragab, Robert Lax, Chris Cutler, Karl Heinz Kessler, Hartmut Geerken, Gabi Geist, Bernhard Hefele.

It has a unique documentation (text and photos) by Hartmut Geerken of Sun Ra's first visit to Egypt in 1971.

It includes the ultimate discography: comprehensive pictorial and annotated chronological order, - 190 entries with color prints of almost all jackets and labels.

Indexes supplied: record titles, compositions, personnel, instruments, label and matrix number. In short: The Saturn chaos finally under control! All references possible!

Tapeography of 220 private recordings.

Bibliography, with 600 entries concerning Sun Ra.


Photos by Valerie Wilmer.

It has about 300 pages; dimensions (length x width) are as a LP. The book is in English, and the edition is limited.

Publishing and distribution is done by the authors themselves, on their own responsibility and financial commitment. Only mail orders, with pre-payment can be accepted.

  • Price of the book is US$ 55, or DM 93.
  • For posting charges via sea/land mail, add $10 (or DM 17; inside Germany only, it is DM 7). If overseas airmail is desired then posting charges are $27 (or DM 47).
  • Currency handling charges for foreign cheques is $10; Eurocheques in DM are accepted.

Pre-payment is accepted as cash (probably not very safe) or foreign cheque.

The address to write to and place your order, with pre-payment, is:

 S. J. Geerken
 Wartaweil 37
 D 82211 Herrsching

Please enclose your full postal address for delivery.