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Jim Newman
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Re: Sun Ra Video's

Hello all...

I am new to list and thought Id drop a line to say hi to everyone.

A few questions...

I recently heard that Evidence is also re-issuing stuff from other bands/artists besides Sun Ra... if this is the case who are they?

Does anyone know the story behind the MC5/Sun Ra collaboration on the last track of Kick Out The Jams? I have always wondered about this..

Does anyone out there have a copy of 'Space is the Place' on VHS, or any other Sun Ra material on video. I have a copy of the "Mystery, Mr. Ra' video that is great. So if anyone would be up for trading let me know. I am also looking for any other videos dealing with "free jazz". Especially the Cecil Taylor video on Mystic Fire...

Thanks in advance..


SITP is available from Rhapsody Films, the soundtrack from SITP from Evidence. Tower or any good, comprehensive retailer should have both.