gilmore and miles

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gilmore and miles

On the subject of when John Gilmore auditioned for Miles, I found an interview with Gilmore in Jazz Journal (Oct.'94):

"One of the musicians he rehearsed with in the fifties was Miles Davis. Gilmore was uncertain of the exact year that he rehearsed with Miles [Wouldn't you just know it!]. He met him through Miles' brother Vernon, who was a friend of Sun Ra.

'Miles wanted to see how I played, so when he came to Chicago, he 'phoned and asked to come see him at his hotel. Miles brought out his charts, and told me to play. I didn't miss a note. Miles said "John Gilmore, you can read your ass off".' Davis formed a group which included Gilmore, Wilber Ware, Andrew Hill and Phil Thomas. They were supposed to open at the Strand Lounge in Chicago. But according to Gilmore, the group did not perform due to Davis's inability to pay his hotel bill. Gilmore also said that Miles's addiction to drugs was a hinderance to the band. Despite these short-comings, Gilmore sums up his encounter with Miles Davis as a beautiful experience."

If Gilmore is referring to Miles's heroin addiction, and not his later problems with cocaine, this audition couldn't have been any later than early '53.

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