Blast First back on Sun Ra bandwagon?

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#1 Tue, 1994-07-05 13:22
Seth Tisue
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Blast First back on Sun Ra bandwagon?


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yol> today i was looking through some magazines at the local yol> bookstore and found a puzzling ad in a magazine called THE yol> WIRE. it's a Blast First ad about a limited edition series that yol> they are putting out. each month they will release some special yol> package, but you don't find out what's in the package until that yol> month when it's announced via an updated ad. each package is yol> limited to something like 500 copies.

yol> for instance, this month is a Sun Ra package. the ad lists yol> what's in the package as being the SPACE IS THE PLACE album on yol> CD, a video and postcards.

Anyone here know anything about this? Wonder if it's just the Evidence CD and Rhapsody video repackaged, or whether it's really the old Blue Thumb Space is the Place LP on CD?

(For those who don't know, Space is the Place was a Ra studio LP issued on the Blue Thumb label in the early seventies, and isn't the same as the Evidence CD which is the soundtrack to the film of the same name.)

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