Wynonie Harris & Sun Ra

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Allen Welsh
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Wynonie Harris & Sun Ra

THE EARTHLY RECORDINGS, by Robert Campbell, reports four sides by Wynonie Harris with Sun Ra (pn), Jackie Allen (tp), and unknown alto, bass, and drums, recorded in Nashville, early 1946. The sides were:

1 Lightning Struck the Poorhouse 2 Dig This Boogie 3 Drinking By Myself 4 My Baby's Barrelhouse

1 & 2 were originally released on Bullet 251, and reissued on Krazy Kat KK 783. 3 & 4 were originally released on Bullet 252, and reissued in Europe on Route 66 KIX 3 (cut 3), and Route 66 KIX 20 (cut 4).

I found a CD which is probably a reissue of Route 66 KIX 3, and it includes "Drinking By Myself." The title is MR. BLUES IS COMING TO TOWN, on Route 66 RBD 3. The CD contains both of the following statements on its face: MADE IN ENGLAND, and MADE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA! In case you're interested in picking up a copy, I obtained it from CDWorld at http://cdworld.com/. (Sixteen cuts, recorded from '46 to '54, just over 46 minutes.)

I couldn't find any other prospects for other Wynonie Harris/Sun Ra sides, until I checked Compact Disc Europe. There I found an LP (about $17) called OH BABE, which Campbell's work suggests will contain "My Baby's Barrelhouse."

DRINKING BY MYSELF is a twelve bar blues. An eight bar trumpet solo provides the introduction, backed by some dark chords on the piano. The next twelve bars are a solo by Sun Ra, consisting of a single, interesting line, very bluesy, and backed by sax and trumpet riffs. The next two choruses are Harris vocals, backed by a jam. A single chorus is then played by Allen, backed by piano and sax comping in unison. The liner notes highlight "the free be-bop styled solo" of Jackie Allen. Harris and the band then jam the out chorus. Unfortunately, the liner notes do not credit Herman "Sonny" Blount for his effort.

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