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Re: Phil Cohran homage to Sun Ra

"i" == ihor sunra writes:

i> i bet you did okay!!!

you're very kind, but I did do it and it felt great and band members smiled and didn't wince, so that's encouraging too. I used to think I just didn't have the chops to even think of it; a friend pointed out that I wasn't qualified to tell if I was qualified or not :)

as they say, the chosen get equipped while few of the equipped get chosen.

i> that is so cool to be able to have done that!  to play the magic,
i> and, get thrown into that tough spot

here is one of the Great Puzzles that perplexes me: Why doesn't EVERYONE do this, or at the very least, where do all those highschool band members go after grad? Don't they realize its not about grammys, its about /survival/?

I figure someday they'll wake up and realize the secret magic of music is not in the passive listening but in the active /playing/, in the being thrown in all together with tone-makers and flaying about to find your rightful cosmic place in the grand joyful noise, that is where the true magic happens.

not in wandering around with refried iPod beans in their ears lapping hollow intravenous beats.

that probably sounds strange to some of you who live places where all sorts of people play all sorts of music all over; here in Ontario we're taught from birth that you need a proper cabaret card or you're just not welcome with that axe in any public or private space. "God will hear you play that whole-tone scale over the half-diminished, and He will /punish/ you" or some such, I don't know, I never got properly 'socialized' (raised by a rebel hillbilly) but /something/ happens to all those kids that they just walk away, hand in their horn at term's end, walk out into the world gladly paying three times the price of a decent instrument on their perfect couch-potato prison and move into it like a geoduck in mud and y'know, it just drives me nuts trying to figure out the mindset that prefers that to actually living.

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