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Re: 'The Insane Race'-Colors

On Feb 20, 2006, at 11:01 AM, Ken Waxman wrote:


Appreciated the late 1960s cinematic reference, but fear you have your present day colors wrong with: "i am curious (yellow) too!"

green is the color of envy and red of anger yellow, on the other hand, "is the color of my true love's hair in the morning ..." [that has never been true for me] :)

Ken Ken,

But I'd imagine that Ihor was showing his age by referring to those two infamous Swedish movies that were briefly banned in these Newnited States in the mid-Sixties: I am curious (blue) and I am curious (yellow): each variant edition of the film named for a colour in the Swedish flag.

Come to think of it, I guess that I showed MY age by writing the above....

Saturnally, Moudry

> >

--- ihor sunra wrote:

A bit on the defensive side I'd say. Since you decided to make this public, Paul, do you mind telling us what your intentions are for this tape?

i am curious (yellow) too!, how much did the tape go for?

according to the ebay page:

Winning bid: US $1,210.00

Ended: Feb-16-06 16:56:30 PST Start time: Feb-09-06 16:56:30 PST History: 23 bids (US $9.98 starting bid) Winning bidder: arkestraphile ( 115)

whew!!! now i REALLY wanna know.

i extend my congratulations, one thousand two hundred and ten times!

I-) ihor

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