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i know this doesn't concern sun ra really - but i'll be in nyc after a long absence and was wonderingf about any performances worth checking out? the last thing i went to was the visions ferstival (prima materia date) and thought it was amazing - especially milford graves's set!

i was also wondering if the new david s. ware album _wisdom of uncertainty- is out yet?

thanks for your patience -dan

"If youassume that there's no "I want to be a force for hope, you guarantee that there real good. In other words, will be no hope. If you assume I know that there are bad that there is an instinct of forces, forces out here freedom, there are opportunities that bring suffering to to change things, there's a others and misery to the chance you may contribute to worlds; but I want to be making a better world. with the force that is That's your choice." -Noam Chomsky truly for good." -John Coltrane