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Marshall Allen
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Knobody is perfect. Alls well that ends well. I'm on this planet for one reason, to play my instrument as long as I can do that and eat I'm happy. The socio-dynamics related to the perpetuation of the Arkestras legacy does make one defensive and paranoid, I have many ongoing horror stories associated with people who mean well, I hate being monkey in the middle but often I am, but bottom line, I don't blow no gigs, ) I can be of assistance to the Ra fans as long as I am not injured in the process. And at this point in my life I bruise easily. Basically I offer encouragement , information and moral support, because to key to success is persistance. as our Mr. Wright realized. No offense to 9 to 5 vers intended. I'm looking for one myself. In the meanwhile, people did not like Bird or Christ so I'm not really interested in what you think of me, just listen to my music and enjoy it. okay? My name is KNOEL = not god = lucifer = the chief musician

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Greetings, It is exactly such examples as the unprofessional tantrum of Mr. Wright which is the reason we try to keep Arkestra affairs off line. Mr. Wright made a proposal to the Arkestra and was responded to by Management. It did not work out. period. Don't get mad that you are not a promoter and did not demonstrate the acumen neccessary to handle 13 people being on the road a long way from home. The Arkestra has toured the GLOBE more times than you can imagine so we must know something about what it takes to present us. If you are a true fan, than you will stay a FAN and if anything try to enlist a professional promoter to handle the business of setting up a gig. No one wanted to play in Louisville more than Marshall, as it's his home town. While we sympathize with your dissappointment, lambasting us on the web because you couldn't have your way is at best disrespectful and unfair. This is not a joke, this is OUR LIVES;

It was hardly the lambast that your response was.

while you go on to whatever 9 to five your sh-tting on, we are composing, rehearsing, writing grants and booking gigs. I do hate to respond this way, but the personnel of the Arkestra work too hard to be the fodder for someones frustration.

That is very condescending. There are other people besides those in the Arkestra who are not shitting on some bullshit 9 to 5. Your remark is insulting at the very least.


Bottom line, if your proposal had been RIGHT, the gig would of been booked. But you were looking for the arkestra to self -promote an engagement while they were on the road and that did not make sense. WE were suppoosed to risk what little we were making to take a chance based on your word? I don't think so.

I'm sorry Knoell, that's jive- You can't have it both ways. You can't say out one side of your ass that the cat should mind his own business and out the other cheek that if the offer had been right it would have been responded to. i think you could have told the dude why his offer was fucked and maybe he could have figured something out. A back line's not a big deal- it's not like it really seems to matter what kind of amps the amp people play through; after that, it's just some drums? Here's how a back line works. You communicate to the man what you need, and he supplies it. It's not like he'd have to track down an EVI.

The fact that you would attack us on this site makes me question whether you

have any real love for the Arkestra. If I I treated you like a kid, it must be because you came across as one, just as you threw a tantrum on this site . KNOEL SCOTT

Just who is throwing the tantrum? Mr. fucking defensive. "You don't love us." Awwwwww. Who are you to question that?