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Greetings,=A0 It is exactly such examples as the unprofessional tantrum of Mr. Wright which is the reason we try to keep Arkestra affairs off line. Mr. Wright made a proposal to the Arkestra and was responded to by Management.=A0 It did not work out. period.=A0 Don't get mad that you ar= e not=20 a promoter and did not demonstrate the acumen neccessary to handle 13 people being on the road a long way from home.=A0 The Arkestra has toured the GLO= BE more times than you can imagine so we must know something about what it takes to present us.=A0 If you are a true fan, than you will stay a FAN an= d if anything try to enlist a professional promoter to handle the business o= f setting up a gig. =A0No one wanted to play in Louisville more than Marshal= l,=20 as it's=20 his home town. While we sympathize with your dissappointment, lambasting= =20 us on=20 the web because you couldn't have your way is at best disrespectful and=20 unfair. This is not a joke, this is OUR LIVES; =20 =20 It was hardly the lambast that your response was.

while you go on to whatever 9 to five your sh-tting on, we are composing,=20= =20 rehearsing, =20 writing grants and booking gigs. I do hate to respond this way, but the personnel of the Arkestra work too hard to be the fodder for someones frustration.=A0=20 =20 That is very condescending. There are other people besides those in the=20 Arkestra who are not shitting on some bullshit 9 to 5. Your remark is=20 insulting at the very least.

=20 Bottom line, if your proposal had been RIGHT, the gig would of been=20 booked.=A0 But you=20 were looking for the arkestra to self -promote an engagement while they=20 were on the=20 road and that did not make sense.=A0 WE were suppoosed to risk what little= we=20 were making to take a chance based on your word?=A0 I don't think so.=A0=20 =20 I'm sorry Knoell, that's jive- You can't have it both ways. You can't sa= y=20 out one side of your ass that the cat should mind his own business and out= =20 the other cheek that if the offer had been right it would have been responde= d=20 to. i think you could have told the dude why his offer was fucked and mayb= e=20 he could have figured something out. A back line's not a big deal- it's=20 not like it really seems to matter what kind of amps the amp people play=20 through; after that, it's just some drums? Here's how a back line works.= =20 You communicate to the man what you need, and he supplies it. It's not=20 like he'd have to track down an EVI.=20

The fact that you would attack us on this site makes me question whether y= ou=20 =20 have any real love for the Arkestra.=A0=A0If I I treated you like a kid, i= t=20 must be because you came across as one, just as you threw a tantrum on this site= =20 . KNOEL SCOTT =20 Just who is throwing the tantrum? Mr. fucking defensive. "You don't love= =20 us." Awwwwww. Who are you to question that?