"72 Hour Nuclear War" Broadcast [Sun Ra Content]

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"72 Hour Nuclear War" Broadcast [Sun Ra Content]

The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) at 118 South 36th Street in Philade= lphia, PA (at the University of Pennsylvania) as part of their "Locally Loc= alized Gravity" Exhibit running through March 25, 2007 is presenting events= that feature the local Philadelphia scene expanded exponentially. One of = the artist groups, Red76, based out of Portland, Oregon, organized a specia= l radio transmitter building workshop wherein invited guests built fifteen = 25 milliwatt to half watt radio transmitters on March 21 that are being use= d to create a collection of low wattage "pirate" radio stations. The proje= ct culminates this weekend with an event titled "72 Hour Nuclear War" where= cover versions and the original version of Sun Ra's "Nuclear War" composit= ion are being broadcast throughout the city of Philadelphia. If you are in= Philly, search around 107 FM and you might be able to hear the broadcast b= etween regular broadcast stations or floating in and out of broadcast stati= ons near that FM frequency. For those unable to hear this on the radio, th= e program (currently in a 90 minute loop) can be heard on the internet at:


On Saturday, March 24, from noon to 5:00 p.m., musicians are invited to com= e to the ICA in Philadelphia to record their own "Nuclear War" cover that w= ill be webstream broadcast live and included in a new looped broadcast for = the remainder of the "72 Hour Nuclear War" Broadcast, which will conclude o= n Monday afternoon March 26.

The Red76 website (www.red76.com) has the following explanation of this eve= nt:

"For some time we have been soliciting contributions of cover versions of t= he Sun Ra Arkestra song Nuclear War; a 7" anti-nuke single released by the = Arkestra in the mid-1980s. For the weekend of March 23rd, in homage to the= Yippies 1967 levitation of the Pentagon, we will arrange in pentagle forma= tion, a series of hand-built transmitters around the city of Philadelphia. = For the entirety of the weekend we will broadcast the accumulated cover ve= rsions that we have received, sending these personalized missives against w= ar mongering throughout the city for all to listen to as a means of sonic e= xorcism. As the songs regenerate themselves through the ears, brains, and = psyches of the individuals who listen to them we will begin the process of = casting out the demons of governmental aggression summoned forth with such = vigor over the last seven years. Trust us, it'll work."

There is a section of the "Locally Localized Gravity" exhibit on the first = floor of the ICA that explains the Red76 "72 Hour Nuclear War" Broadcast pr= oject.

For additional information:

About The Institute of Contemporary Art: Tel: 1-215-898-5911 www.icaphila.org Museum Hours: Saturday & Sunday 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Admission: Adults - $6, Artists, Seniors, and Students over 12 - $3 ICA members and PENN Card holders - free Sunday, admission between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. is free Exhibit closes Sunday, March 25 at 5:00 p.m.

About Red76: www.red76.com/72hournuclearwar.html Tel: 1-888-212-5652 Email: ask@red76.com