We're all the children of Ra....

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#1 Fri, 1997-01-31 07:56
Mark Freitas
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We're all the children of Ra....

Someone asked:

Do you know if the soul-food cookbook he wrote with Mrs. Ra is in print? How many children did the old boy have?

Yikes!! He had no wife or kids. That's why his whole estate went to a family he hardly knew anymore... His band and his community were his familly, his kids, the whole works.

By the way, I think people here are being too hard on Ra's poetry. I don't like bad poetry, but one thing I've found is that some of the best song lyrics are actually "bad poetry." And I love Ra's lyrics. Set almost any of the poems to music, and I doubt they'd sound "clunky."

Earlier someone asked if June would know about "Silver Spring." June followed Ra into cosmic planes a while back, so I think Marshall would be the one to ask.