Wilburn Green, bassist

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#1 Thu, 1997-01-30 18:57
michael cook
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Wilburn Green, bassist

....and btw, I like the fact that there's an electric bassist on the Cosmos record. Aside from some of the late 80's/early 90's stuff, what other records have an electric bassist?

As a double bass player myself, I nearly broke all my fingers trying to = play the bass lines on some of the tracks on the SINGLES set when I = finally realized that what I was hearing was Wilburn Green playing = electric bass. Check out "Medicine for a Nightmare where he's walking = like crazy all over the place - and this was 1956!!

I thought only Mingus was able to pull off that kind of bass playing at = the time . . . it's fitting that Hobart Dotson later recorded with him. = Anybody know what Dotson did after the "Pre-Bird" (aka "Mingus = Revisited") LP?

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